Overseeing the city of Jelgava... 

A very last portion of my early-September adventures in Jelgava, or better let's put it as a dessert. In one of the previous chapters of the 'Le Tour de Jelgava' series, I believe I pointed out that since my teenage years the city has changed, developed, become much more modern that one would expect from a little Latvian town. A pretty modern promenade that takes you along the river Lielupe, new Mitava Bridge with its astonishing design and a viewing platform located right inside the former Holy Trinity Church - it all rings new, more modern, image of Jelgava.

The Holy Trinity Church Tower that is now known to many as one of the city's biggest prides, was built till the very last brick around 1688 and was part of the Holy Trinity Church - one of the first brickwork Lutheran churches in Europe. To me this comes as a surprising fact that a piece of all-European history can still be found in the city of Jelgava. Despite the fact the church itself was completely demolished during the militant 20th century, the tower was saved and underwent a reconstruction process.

Today the Tower serves as a place for culture and entertainment with several exhibition rooms, restaurant and viewing platform at the very top floor. Having previously experienced the feeling of overseeing a city from the top on a daily basis, while residing on the 28th floor back in London, I was thrilled to observe the city of my early childhood from a top point. It's more than a joy to see all the favorite places from past and present, house where my grandparents used to live, nearly all the streets, buildings and roofs... It's a pleasure to take a seat and watch the sun going down the horizon. The Holy Trinity Church Tower is a place worth visiting and worth coming back while visiting the city.

The funny fact about all this Holy Trinity Church Tower adventure is that my outfit completely coincided with the tower in terms of colors. And the truth is I didn't plan such a match with the exterior. We were just on the last stroll around the city, when we came around beautifully renovated courtyard, or, actually, the entrance of the Tower. In terms of the outfit, it came out to be purely H&M and Aldo brands based. It doesn't come much that my outfits turn to be solo-brand or two-brand based. Well, when it happens, it turns to be a quite interesting experiment. Dressing up using sued-ed culottes? Yes, ladies!

Look of the Day:
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Aldo shoes 
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Photo: T. Egorova