Last minute call for a 'Backpack' case. 

Hello, September 1. The countdown is over and it means that we are on a point of no return. Should you be happy or no, but the new academic year just opened the door.
And you definitely should be happy, as a new year of studies mean a new backpack, or several new ones. In case you are this last minute kind of person and are still looking for a perfect backpack, then you are at the right place. All coolest backpacks of the moment beneath.
You just need to choose which one is yours - classy, fashionable or boy-ish? Huh?


Classy backpack will take you through seasons and years. Most probably, you might end up passing such a backpack on to your daughter or granddaughter. In case you're aiming to kill to birds with one stone, so to say - make a good investment and be sure a backpack will suit more than 50% of your outfits - then have a go with classy option. 


Real fashionistas are going to scream right now, as these backpack are actual hot pies of the moment. Funny or high class, miniature or spacious enough, black or colorful... it doesn't really matter. In case you see a girl wearing one of these, then you should know she's making a serious fashion statement.


There's nothing bad in going boy-ish. Embracing a bit of masculinity, or better say 'I don't care' kind of attitude, is pretty cool and daring. Not each of us wants to be that good girl, right? Rebellions with some old school chic will never get old.

Photo Courtesy: MINOX by KUMMA, Trendy Feather by Chanel Cohen, See Vogue, Something Black