The Royal Tenenbaums as the main characters of the Autumn/Winter 2015 season. 

True Geeks are back. Time to bring 'The Royal Tenenbaums' movie back to your fashionable movie lists, ladies, as this family is here to stay. At least, for the next six months.
Back in Trend Report | Geek Chic story we already managed to clear out that Wes Anderson's Margot Tenenbaum was the main source of inspiration for many and many Autumn/Winter 2015 designer collections. Basically, Margot is the main character you should refer to in case you are going Geek Chic. But what about the rest of the Tenenbaums? Yes, you're right the lady Tenenbaum is not the only one whose style you should be pulling throughout the season. Her two brothers, Richie and Chas, turn to be good sources of a distinct style inspiration as well. And, yes ladies, you can pull the Tenenbaum brothers' styles as well!
Which Tenenbaum kid are you? Well, there's no real test to figure that out. Just take a serious look at the movie in order to understand characters in more depth...


Margot is fashion's favorite of the season. Why? This lady can perfectly match a fur coat, that doesn't necessarily need to be of natural fur, loafer shoes and basic staples. And there's an endless number of ways to style a la Margot. Go original, aka movie, version with a fur coat, casual Lacoste dress and penny loafers. Go Gucci version, aka a modern Geek Chic'er, with a fur coat paired with midi skirt, lightweight top, masculine shoes and beret.


Bally showed us that there's a way to challenge yourself for a bit of Richie. Richie is a tennis star in depression. His distinctive feature is a tennis headband and ability to mix sportswear with classics like a camel coat. Should you go for a very Wes Anderson's version of Richie or prefer a Bally one, don't forget to mix and match contrasting pieces. And don't forget to have the headband by the hand.


The smartest of the smartest prefer sportswear, according to Chas Tenenbaum. Have been turning great ideas into money, this big kid stands for safety and comfort when it comes to clothing. Probably, that's why a power red sport suit came into action as his style mark. Though Lacoste foresaw possible snow and annual ice age by adding layering and a faux fur coat.

Photo Courtesy: Big Shot Movie Club, Vogue Runway, Vogue Runway, Vogue Runway