Re-thinking rebellious 90's in a modern way. 

'90's kid' is a sort of a tag that now can ideally characterize a person whose childhood merged with the era of the 1990's. The same, I mean relationship between a decade and childhood/birth period, can be applied to every single generation - 80's kids, the 21st century kids, etc. Still this kind of decade influence in one way or another affect a lot of tastes, like music, art, even lifestyle and, of course, fashion.

Not a secret that I was born back in 1992. So am a pure kid of the 90's. The last generation of the 20th century. And despite the fact I stepped in the world in a new country with re-established independence and probably no serious outlooks for the future in terms of inside-the-country-issues, I turned to be the same 90's kid as many, many and many others out there. A kid who spent childhood wearing overalls, lots of denim, sweatshirts, light up shoes, windbreaker in a funny color blocking. A kid who back in those 1990's managed to fall in love with Backstreet Boys and Eminem. I guess this gives a slight insight on how varied my music taste is.

As far as I remember from the popular culture and all the foreign TV shows I've seen, 1990's fashion was all about bright, popping colors, denim, sport influence, a bit of metallics and much more. And as 90's era is back on fashion track, I guess it was on a subconscious level that this outfit came to life. My primary intention here was to re-think few goodies but oldies, like top, formal joggers and sandal boots in a new, interesting way.

Interesting and slightly daring way, I would say. Rebellious? Maybe. In a certain way. So re-thinking some of my wardrobe's goodies was the main idea of the combo that at the end turned to be enriched by 90's vibes. The fanny pack, metallic details, popping colors, denim jacket and pants inspired by sportswear are all pretty much childhood recollections, more modernized though. Shall we put that 'If you wanna to be good girl' song of Backstreet Boys on now?

Look of the Day:
Very Nice denim jacket 
Asos top 
TOPSHOP formal joggers 
Asos shoes 
Sinsay belt bag 
H&M rings 
H&M shades
Photo: T. Egorova