Where suede and houndstooth print meet... 

And it's a wrap to another week of hard work! We made it and now we more than deserve a reward. Don't we? I can't imagine a better one than an escape to a picturesque and interesting location. If we are speaking about a little escape around Latvia, then Jelgava is a perfect place. Back in early September I went for such adventure myself and if you remember, I've already shed a bit of light on it in See by Chloe story last week.

Here we go with the second part of 'Le Tour de Jelgava' called 'Mitava Bridge'. I might have already explained it before, but have nothing against recapping on it once again... So, Mitava is the old way to name the city of Jelgava. Originally, I mean back in the 13th century, it was known as Mitau, according to German, while Polish and Russian languages referred Jelgava as Mitava. Time went by and the city turned from Mitava into Jelgava, leaving the historical name aside. The city might have lost its original name, but the name itself as we see was not forgotten for good.

Mitava bridge, in my opinion, is a sort of an ode to city's past, its origins and history. Mitava bridge is a sort of connection between past and present that, as we know, can't go by without one another. Have to say that bridge amazes with its design and overall appearance. No, it's not something new in terms of design, there are bridges that can astonish even more. But if you know Jelgava and have so far seen the bridge yourself, then you understand what am I trying to say. Seeing such a modern and most importantly a very quality piece not in a country's capital but rather in a relatively smaller city is impressive.

Well, even a huge menacing cloud couldn't overshadow the impression of the Mitava bridge. And the best thing about the weather and the bridge is that you can actually enjoy some peaceful time while having a seat on one of the two benches right in the middle of the bridge. Should it be a sunset, rainbow, dark cloud or a sky full of stars... there's always a reason to stop by. So did I. I couldn't escape but climb up and down the Mitava bridge, enjoy the view and immortalize it all in pictures, while wearing my vintage-much combination topped with delicious Centro booties in triple chocolate. Oh, and try pulling houndstooth and suede together, you'll love it!

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Photo: T. Egorova