Starting Autumn off with tender feminine shades. 

So the first working week of September is almost over. The first days of Autumn seem to be a little bit wet, don't they? Especially here, in Riga city. I actually found it funny somehow as the last day of Summer happened to be pretty sunny and warm and didn't give any serious signs of weather changes. Well, weather keeps proving every single time that it's as unpredictable, as all females are. So September 1 decided to pour some rain over a little Eastern European city. But let's just consider this rain a very emotional farewell of Summer.

Speaking of today's visual story straightaway, I realized I never really shared a word about one of my favorite places around Riga - Bergs Bazaar. And, by the way, one of the most picturesque ones. Over the past four years (with a little tail) we've created numerous stories that were shot in different corners of this place that is located nearly at the heart of Riga city. Have to add that the stories from Bergs Bazaar prove to be among my favorites. I believe this place has a certain type of charm, a timeless charm that combines past and present.

Going back to Bergs Bazaar itself I have to say it's one of the chicest locations around town with numerous cozy yet delicious cafes, interesting bars and restaurants, and, most important when it comes to Latvian and Baltic fashion, Bergs Bazaar is a home for two leading designer brands - Anna Led and NARCISS - as well as a multi brand boutique KLASE that stocks a good number of Baltic designers from Alexander Pavlov to Amoralle, Natālija Jansone to Julia Janus. So if you, little adventurers, are planning to visit a little Eastern European city any time soon, make sure to have Bergs Bazaar on your maps for an easy afternoon walk. And have a cup of coffee paired with a piece of super delicious cake in my favorite Kanēļa Konditoreja!

As we gradually are moving on to the very center of today's story, the outfit, I can't help but point out an abundance of pastels that is not that much a characteristic of me. I don't use pastels-only in my outfits that often. Or better say as often as I should. I guess it's again this season transition period that my inner voice starts asking for pastels. I also can feel neutrals joining this fashion game soon. Oh, and have I told you so far about my new level of practicality, I mean not getting rid of most of my wardrobe pieces? See, that's what happens when you dig out a dress you wore like 2 times in Summer 2013 and only once in Summer 2014. You find a way of re-working it third year in a row! Practicality, practicality, yet practicality. Especially when it comes to good high street label pieces.

Look of the Day:
H&M blazer 
River Island dress 
Zara flats 
New Look bag

Photo: T. Egorova