Architectural purity with a dab of artistic impulse... 

Being on the go and have all the necessary pieces with you never felt that convenient. Have you ever come across an in-bag abundance? I bet each of us, at least once, came across the moment when you can't find a piece you are looking for. Be it an Iphone, credit card or lipstick. Going for a night out with girlfriends each of us came across the problem where to put a bag or a cluth when heading to a dancefloor. Those of us who were or still are students, especially doing architecture, interior design, fashion design came across the problem of running around university's workshops and studios with pencils, rulers, papers, notebooks in only two hands. How many times coming across any of the cases above each of us dreamt of a piece of clothing that could be equally practically useful and quite modern in terms of looks?

Thankfully, the idea of combining practicality and modern clothing in a very minimalistic way started froming in a mind of Liene Linke back in several years ago, when she still was an interiror design student in London's Kingston University. University's undergraduate programs, by the way, are ranked as the 3 best in the world in BoF's (Business of Fashion) Global Fashion School Ranking. So, considering universtiry's creative atmosphere it doesn't really come as a surprise that bits of the first collection's idea started coming to Liene Linke's mind in one of Kingston's workshops, where the future clothing designer spent most of her time working on all those interior projects and running around university with lots of gadgets, sketches and drawings, with tools that couldn't stop falling out of her hands. That is when the idea of many pockets in different sizes nearly all over a garment came to Liene's mind.

Despite the fact that the puzzle pieces of LIENE LINKE first collection might be coming from London and Kingston University, the brand is purely Latvian. And together with #madeinLatvia tag one gets a pretty unique piece, as LIENE LINKE's garments are either one of a kind or limited edition portions. Sounds pretty good, right? But let us dive inside the concept more. By looking at a DressCoat of today's story you can easily tell that Liene Linke's designs are not that fashion-oriented with obvious trends to spot. That's true, designer's approach is somehow architectural in a way that pieces are modern yet safe from outdating too fast, plus here functionality and practicality play the utmost importance. According to the designer herself, she never has a clear or final idea of how a piece should look like, Liene rather figures out first the purpose that a planned garment should serve. Liene Linke keeps experimenting with materials, designs, forms till the moment when thought - "Here it is! That's what I've been looking for" - sparkles in her creative mind. This now cleares out why LIENE LINKE pieces come in limited editions, it's all about experimenting and building up something new.

Speaking of my very first, yet not the last, experience with LIENE LINKE I have to highlight the practicality and super functionality of the DressCoat. Yes, you heard me, a DressCoat, a piece that can equally play a role of a dress and a coat yet stay your best friend in both cases, especially when you are on the go throughout a day. Phone - check, pocket book - check,  pen - check, lipstick - check, pocket mirror - check. All set and ready to conquer the world! Can't also escape but point out the fact that the coat I used in a combination of casually formal trousers, shirt and a pair of white Converse made me feel super intellectual. And you might now how I adore word 'intellectual' when it also comes in a combination with 'fashion'. You know, I've always had this thought of studying my way straight to Doctoral Degree. Who knows, maybe years later I'll be wearing this very LIENE LINKE DressCoat and holding a PhD of Art (or Business) Degree in my hands...

H&M shirt 
H&M pants 

Photo: T. Egorova