Eastern beauty and her Baltic palace. 

Modern Orientalism and Baltic Baroque - quite a bombastic combination. To tell the truth I couldn't help but bring Eastern vibes to a truly Baltic (not really sure if I should define it as purely Western thought) scenery to picture this synergy of cultures and two worlds. At the end of the day, Western world has been fascinated with Orientalism for centuries now...

I also couldn't escape but mix Baltic and Eastern vibes together simply because both define me as a human and personality. Being Russian with a little drop of Eastern blood, a drop that pretty much dominates in my appearance, who was born and raised in Latvia, more or less European country, it took me quite long to acknowledge that nature of mine. It took me quite a long time to realize Eastern vibes and to emphasize it. I grew up during the period when the standard of appearance was an over-blonded girl with silicone'd lips and boobs, when nearly everyone wanted to look like that chick from new Eminem's video or an exaggerated version of Pamela Anderson (loved her in Baywatch series so much!). In other words, period when Oriental type of beauty was not that much on track. It's probably due to this new wave of love towards Orientalism that we see on runways and on pages of the fashion magazines in first place, it's also due to amazing personalities from Pakistan, India, Iran and the rest who I met back in London life, people who showed me what it's like to be an Eastern type that I finally did pull that side of me out.

Having acknowledged the Oriental nature of own self, I started researching different Eastern (as well as some Southern) cultures and countries to find out what sort of features I can try, experiment with and apply to myself. Have to say that such a research is an ongoing process as you tend to 'discover' interesting and charming pieces all the time. Eastern world has a lot to offer, take at least an embroidered skirt and hair crown from this very visual story. You can play around the two pieces endless number of times applying it to basics, classical and also fashionable pieces. It was back in June that I first brought the skirt out here in a combination with military jacket (the combination seemed to cause quite a stir both here and in social media) in the Eastern Skirt Meets Military Jacket story. Months later the skirt is back in a more casual, laid back combination. I believe it's a debut of a hair crown here today, one of my favorite East-inspired pieces now that is in a way a discreet analogue of a proper crown. So the Queen of East is here in her palace,  Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli's work of art.

Look of the Day:
Very Nice jacket 
Reserved top 
made to order skirt 
Aldo shoes 
H&M hair crown 
Photo: T. Egorova