Trench coat with an ultimately French signature. 

Remember my words in one of the latest stories about my adventures and that they've been slowly moving into the Autumn with me? So here we go. The first steps of my Autumn-edition adventures were already seen in Jelgava. In a city of my very early childhood. I've already visited Jelgava back in the beginning of May, but only had a chance to catch up with several main locations of the city, like Mitava Palace, its gorgeous park and one of the main squares. Quite a big story was shared by me in the Country Girl Goes to Jelgava, so in case you've been wondering about the bonds that tie me and the city feel free to get several steps back.

Having visited quite a new city of Jelgava back in May, a city that has changed a lot since those childhood and early teenage years, I started cherishing an idea of re-exploring it. I carried this idea through the Summer season yet there was no perfect timing for a trip to the city of Mitava. I've been on the go every single weekend, and not only over weekends, so I barely had time to refresh my mind and stop to hold a deep breath. Though, with the advent of September I kept a promise I gave to Jelgava and headed for a little escape. A little escape that is now neither more nor less 4 chapters long. And here is the very first one I would entitle 'Jelgava Promenade'. This new promenade is a total contrast to the city itself due to highly modern minimalism that includes several a la waterfalls you can actually observe from the inside. How is it possible? Well, I would rather keep it a tiny secret, so you could come see it yourself. See, now you have a good reason to visit the beautiful city of Jelgava.

Considering an all time changing weather conditions, I couldn't be happier to finally debut a new See by Chloe trench coat I got myself back in July. Another quite big investment of mine now sits in one line with such designer pieces as Miu Miu jacket, Sonia Rykiel jumper, siLversands dress, DKNY blazer. What unites all the above? Definition words as classics and timelessness. In other words, by investing in such simple yet quality pieces you ensure yourself being equipped with basics for various seasons ahead as it will easily up your everyday outfit game. Try this strategy out and I guarantee you'll find these words of mine nothing but true.

Moving on to today's outfit, it has, in first place, to do with designer investment pieces as we see the debut of See by Chloe trench I pointed out earlier. Well, nothing can beat French elegance. Secondly, the outfit is actually built of classic wardrobe staples both in terms of pieces themselves and, very obviously, colors. It's been less than a week yet since we discussed my little pastel overdose, but look, neutral shades, excluding mint colored jumper, have already stepped into Autumn fashion game. And finally, here comes a point of practical highlighting of my own words from above that a good designer investment can up your outfit. We see a number of high street labels, like H&M, Forever21, Zara and Sinsay, being topped by a pretty much fashion icing - i. e. See by Chloe

Look of the Day:
See by Chloe trench coat 
Forever21 jumper 
H&M pants 
Zara shoes 
Sinsay bag
Photo: T. Egorova