Trend Report | 1980's

Trend Report | 1980's

Back to future past in the Autumn/Winter 2015 season.

Although 1970's inspired trend has been ruling our fashion wardrobes for some time now, it seems that a lonely reign of such a contradictory era is getting less lonely due to arrival of another contradictory decade - 1980's.
1980's fashion is famous for big shoulder pads, accented waistline, bright colors, leggings, blazer as an essential part of ones wardrobe, sneakers, fitness clothes, mix of masculinity and femininity, massive jewelry and bijouterie, and much more. In case you are looking for even deeper inspiration and authentic inspiration sources, then ask your parents and grandparents about the 1980's as the decade surely marked as their youth and adulthood period. Plus am more than sure family members might have saved a couple of really good pieces.
In terms of modern replication of good old 80's we can turn to Balmain and J.W.Anderson's collections that were filled with interesting color blocking combinations, widely big belts and statement shoulders. And don't forget to pay attention to 4 key ideas that will help you pulling a perfect modern 1980's look.

Padded Shoulders

Padded shoulders have a life cycle of its own. It keeps come back regarding the general styling of the 1980's decade. This season padded shoulders can come in a combination with accented waist forming an X-line either on its own creating a sort of a T-line. Don't be afraid of showing shoulders off, Olivier Rousteing of Balmain thinks it's super sexy.

The Waist

Accented waistline is what ladies adore and prefer in a big dose of outfits. Should your outfit be body-fitting or baggy, there's always a way to show waist off. By putting accent on waist you can also either slightly hide your curves or add more to existing forms. Two ways of putting emphasis on waist can be used - a belt, ideally massive, or a piece of clothing that is fitter within the waistline, like peplum top.

Color Blocking

Color blocking or simply an interesting combination of colors. Usually such color combinations are pretty contrasting and unexpected. Fashion of the 1980's proved there are basically no boundaries in this color game. Be fashion-ly daring and pull that popping color combination through a dull, cloudy day. A better mood for you and passers-by is guaranteed.


Leggings is so far the most loveless clothing piece among many fashion experts. Let's be honest, in order to pull it successfully your look should, first, be perfect from head to toes and , secondly, interesting. Not sexy, brutal and revealing too much. Let's be honest once again, too much can be revealed if you have ideally fit bottom part or when you aim to be daring (not sexy). J.W. Anderson gave us a good lesson by implementing leggings and a la leggings pants together with skirts, dresses, long waists and coats.

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