Going all the way Boho for the Autumn/Winter 2015 season. 

Boho Chic is having a big fashion return this season. What aspects of this trend to use and which ones to leave aside for better times are up to you. There's a very big and variety-full room to choose from.
Let's start with looking into Boho Chic itself. Boho Chic style is primary a mix of three fashion directions - bohemian, hippie and folk. Although it's possible to say that Boho Chic takes its roots back in around 1970's, the ultimate recognition came to it only with the advance of 1990's. Since those times Boho Chic became one of the most favorite styles of celebrities. The recognized Boho Chic'ers are Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and, not the last nor the least, Rachel Zoe. What is worth remembering when going Boho Chic? This style is all about combining incongruous pieces. For example, a fur coat and a summer dress. Or a chunky knit cardigan with sleeveless top, floral maxi skirt and ankle boots. Remember: tricky combination is a key.
Yes, Boho Chic is experiencing a fashion comeback and it's all thanks to designers. Names to draw inspiration from include Burberry Prorsum, Matthew Williamson and Chloe. Speaking of the three, their Autumn/Winter collections and Boho Chic - there seem to be 5 key pieces that are definitely going to put your Bohemian game to the next level. What are they? Let's find out...

Huge Wrap

It's been just several seasons ago, when Burberry Prorsum introduced wraps as a huge fashion item. Since then our lives and attitude towards Autumn season changed completely. Thanks to Burberry Prorsum wraps are still a must-have item for this season. You can snuggle in it and battle the falling leaves period. Moreover, a huge wrap will ideally suit your Boho Chic outfit. A little trick: pair it up with your favorite over the knee boots and wide brimmed hat. 

A Dress

A Boho Chic dress is a completely variable piece. It can be a super long dress or a shorter version, it can be with sleeves or without, it can be in floral print - all seen at Burberry Prorsum. It can be a satin silk dress, just like at Matthew Williamson. It can be velvet or chiffon dress, as seen at Chloe. So have a go finding your perfect one. A little trick: combine it with sueded boots and skinny scarf.

Big Knits

Knits are always perfect for Autumn/Winter season, as there's nothing cozier and warmer at the same exact period of time. Big, especially chunky knit, cardigans may not be a season's hottest trend on its very own, but we still can't underestimate the power of it. Especially after seing a very maxi version of a knit cardigan in Chloe's seasonal collection. A little trick: pair it up with a maxi dress in very contrasting fabric, like chiffon or satin silk.

Suede Boots

In case you wanted to ask a question about a perfect Boho Chic pair, here's an answer - go for suede boots. What kind of boots? Well, Burberry Prorsum makes it pretty clear - suede boots go all the way from ankle to over the knee length. Matthew Williamson, in turn, thinks ankle boots will look gorgeous when upgraded by a bt of fringe. But you don't forget about flat and low-heeled versions. A little trick: mix it up with everything you want from shorts and jeans to dresses and skirts. 

Skinny Scarf

Every season has its hot accessory or a number of such. According to Chloe, such accessory of the Autumn/Winter season is a skinny scarf. Quite a little element that is rather used to add a twist than undertake a throat protection action. And we seem to totally love it! A little trick: add it any possible outfit combination for a little Boho Chic effect. 

Photo Courtesy: My Chic Adventure, Chaos Magazine, Style Aria, NoFilter Magazine, Who What Where, le FASHION