Colouring dull days up... 

As we already stated (together with SAZ) in one of the previous stories about coolest footwear makers with #madeinLatvia tag, Autumn/Winter season and its rainy and snow-y weather conditions are not a reason to reject colorful, statement shoes. I mean, I'm not trying to open a new universe by saying that we keep our footwear choices simple and restrict when it comes to cold season. Practicality and comfort come first place, don't they? But have you ever wanted to break this usual course of things?

It took me quite some time to fall in love with over the knee kind of boots. Sometimes these boots are also referred as thigh boots. If some five years ago I was nearly shy to put such boots on simply because I considered it to be too much, then now I can seriously sell a piece of my soul to Devil in order to get as many pairs of over the knee boots, as I can. Now look, thigh boots are really big friends of modern lady's wardrobe. With only one pair of such boots you can pull so many outfit combinations, I mean combinations that will be totally different. Like a casual version with skinny jeans and loose fit sweater, a very fashionably elegant version with poncho and wide-brim hat, a party, be it a fashion event or an ordinary Friday night out with friends, with a long vest and little cross body bag, etc.

To continue the topic of over the knee boots, I have to say that one such multifunctional pair can be found in SAZ's Autumn/Winter collection. It's Glamas pair in eye-catchy blue with a pretty good dose of lama fur trimming. I believe this pair will never get you bored. Its color is quite fashionable and I think it's exactly what our seasonal wardrobes lack. Considering the fact it's getting colder and colder day by day, November is a perfect time to sport your bright Glamas. So ladies, take your neutral colored clothes out - it's time to make your SAZ shoes speak for yourself!

H&M blazer 
Warehouse vest/dress 
New Look bag 

Photo: T. Egorova