Autumn leaves start to fall... 

I believe it's official now to say that Edith Piaf's 'Les Feuilles Mortes' (Autumn Leaves) song suits current outdoor situation the most. Orange-ish yellow leaves already started covering streets of Riga city creating such an autumn carpet. And it finally sets this 'golden autumn' mood I've been looking forward to for quite some time. A mood that makes you take a cup of coffee on the go and head around the city that is filled with beautifully yellow-orange-red colored trees. A pleasant picture that should definitely be caught these days.

What else should be caught these days and further on throughout the season is tweed. It was just in yesterday's Trend Report story that we looked at tweed fabric and 3 pieces worth investing in. Yet I would definitely add two to the list - a jacket and a bag. And if jacket can be taken from your tweed suit of the season or taken by you on board to create a perfect a la suit combination with that favorite tweed skirt, a tweed bag is an independent player. Especially when this bag is a purely vintage piece by Pierre Balmain. So far one of my 'greatest' finds from one of those vintage gems of Riga city.

And Pierre Balmain bag doesn't come as a vintage piece all alone. In this outfit combination it found a perfect vintage partner in the face of a tweed jacket with fur-red collar. The jacket I, by the way, first rocked in the streets of Old Riga back in early Spring. Two seasons later it's still goes good for merely cold yet sunny days. Vintage is good, but to stay relevant it should be balanced with modern pieces. To sustain semi-formalness and elegance of this outfit I decided to add H&M pants and roll it up just a tiny bit, as well as sharp point flats from Asos. The final feminine touch was given by a skinny belt that did emphasize waist even more.

P. S. You, my digital pumpkins, would never guess where a train brought us this morning! A big adventure is happening these days and I can't fel more blessed to experience it all and share every single moment with you. So hop on the adventure by following me on Instagram - @practicalqueenap - if you haven't done it yet. And tune in tomorrow for a more detailed story about this journey and next several days plan...

Look of the Day:
jacket via Humana Vintage 
H&M pants 
Asos flats 
H&M belt 
Pierre Balmain bag 
H&M rings

Photo: T. Egorova