Black velvet with that slow classy style. 

I believe 'Black Velvet' authors Christopher Ward and David Tyson, as well as Alannah Myles, will forgive me for such a rehash of their lyrics. If today's story wasn't about color black, I could manage to find parallels between my outfit combination and 'Blue Velvet' movie directed by David Lynch. I did watch the movie a couple of years ago due to interested provoked by one of university lecturers, but have to admit back then Lynch's creation didn't leave any aftertaste inside my head...

Maybe my mind was not yet mature enough at that time and the movie deserves another go. Anyway, velvet is a thing, fabric, a part of fashion that had definitely matured both in my mind and fashion preference. And I can't be more satisfied with the fact that velvet is one of the main trends this season. Especially, black velvet. The fabric brings a mix of Gothics, drama, restrained elegance and natural beauty that go hand in hand altogether despite you want or don't all four to sit in your combination. You can emphasize one feature of velvet and restrict the power of other ones. Should you wish cold Gothics to predominate or show your very natural beauty to the world...  

Black velvet can do it all in case you execute the fabric correctly. My aim in this very outfit combination was to put restrained elegance first. But have to say that restrained elegance doesn't really come on its own here. It comes together with sport chic that is hidden in my all time favorite formal jogger pants from H&M. In a fashion marriage with velvet top joggers create a perfect combination that looks more like a jumpsuit. Such a classy yet laid back 'jumpsuit' that will suit for a night out and for a casual duties around town. Accessories, jewelry and shoes in this case come as variables that can be mixed and matched according to ones needs. Black velvet if you please...

Look of the Day:
LeMillion top 
H&M formal joggers 
Zara shoes 
Lindex necklace 

Photo: T. Egorova