Shall we play a game of logic? 

That's the way I would perfectly describe another sarafan-dress from Ava Garden's Autumn capsule collection - fashion's chess. A game of fashion, intelligence and logic at the same time. Where you either declare checkmate to another side or get defeated. The only thing that separates fashion's chess from ordinary one - rules. In the world of fashion you don't really recognize rules. Or try to break it at all costs. If you are aware of all the processes that's been happening in fashion environment over the past decades, then this topic is more than clear to you.

But let's go back to Ava Garden's chess game. The Geek Chic by Ava Garden story introduced us to the seasonal capsule collection of sarafan-dresses and pretty seductive sweaters by an emerging Latvian designer Anna Petrova. The designer took such a popular, better say trending, piece of clothing as sarafan and made it a core of her fashion child-brand. And if a previous Autumn-much sarafan was made of stripe-y fabric, today's piece is all about one of the season's hottest patterns - check. But a classically aristocratic check is not the only thing that will capture your attention. A little touch, as if it is a wing, was given to this sarafan. A so-called wing that makes the whole piece look much lighter and more modern.

It might be the easiest way to style check-ed sarafan-dress in a very school girl way. Yet this girl has a twist. While white shirt keeps the look more formal and classy, white socks paired with ankle boots create a very girl-y yet playfully provocative touch. Then come accessories. I believe here details, like bag, skinny belt and rings that can easily be replaced with alternatives, play an important role. A role that determines the overall mood of this outfit combination. Looks like Ava Garden's school girl is almost done, still she seems to miss something... a twist. And this twist is nothing but a leather trench coat in a color that matches our sarafan. Now full-time fashionista and full-time school girl is ready to go.

H&M shirt 
Janbell trench 
Centro booties 
vintage bag 
H&M belt 
H&M rings 

Photo: T. Egorova