Contrasts that turn into partners in crime. 

I believe there's no entire need to say I'm totally classy style kind of person. I mean we all are. Classics will always suit and always work. Classic feminine, classic black and white, classic masculine and so on. By choosing this style direction you'll hit the bull's eye, as they say. Skirt and high heels, pants and, let's say, brogues, white top and black bottoms. Sounds more than familiar, right? Yet such familiarity might be too boring.

Especially in a context of modern fashion. Modern fashion is all about mixing and matching contrasting styles and pieces together. Like vintage and modern stuff or little black dress and creepers, formal suit and white sneakers. List of such combinations based on contrasts will be pretty long if not to say endless. Abruptness is the key out here. I think that trying something new in terms of fashion, own style, outfit combinations is a good thing.What a discovery, huh?! Unexpected matches that turn to be something new for your own self is a way of driving imagination and sense of style.

That's why such a classy-ly feminine combination obtained a laid back touch. I bet you'll agree that if I did add heeled shoes to this look it would give us a more formal, office-like feeling. Yes, white sneakers might still make this outfit look office-like, but this version seems to be more on the go one. You know such a fashion intern who runs errands around the city trying to keep up with every day duties. This intern is not Miranda Priestly's assistant, but rather someone from PR or marketing department. And she feels at her best.

Look of the Day:
Monsoon trousers 
New Look bag 
H&M rings
Photo: T. Egorova