What to wear for Halloween? That's the question. 

Halloween is just around the corner. So in case you are planning to spend an awesome 'Trick-or-treat' night, but haven't yet made a decision upon a perfect costume, then get ready for a good dose of inspiration!
Bet every single person, young and old, knows what Halloween is about, so no further explanation is needed regarding this festival that originally comes from Britain and Norther Ireland. So let's proceed straightaway to several inspiration-ideas that will help you to form a perfect Halloween Diva look!
All four ideas are based on iconic or re-introduced cinema characters. And while some are pure classics that won't make you loose this Halloween game, the others are yet worth to give a try. So, trick or treat?

Good Old Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' is pure classics. Now which one of us, being that little girl hadn't dreamt of turning into Alice? That light-haired girl in light blue dress with white apron, white tights and Mary Jane shoes? Look, here are the components of the look! Still white tights can easily be replaced with socks and apron - a shirt with puffed sleeves.

Vamp-ish Maleficent

Maleficent is a new favorite movie character of ours, isn't she? Pictured by Angelina Jolie in a dramatically chic way, this modern femme fatale is worth giving a go. What you might need? Let's think... it should definitely be something dark, long, noble and finished with a shade of red lipstick. Her famous head piece? It's more up to you.

Gatsby's Flapper Girl

Gatsby's favorite lady? Well, she's all about those flapper girls. Ladies who loved dancing all night long. Flapper girls are a synonym of 1920's fashion. Fringed dresses, shoes with heels that were not too high yet not too short, head pieces with feather and lots of jewelry. And don't forget about that emancipee attitude. It's the key.

Classy Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Breakfast at Tiffany's is pretty much connected with Audrey Hepburn. We can't separate one from another simply because it's impossible. An elegant Holly Golightly is probably one of the most replicated movie characters. What your Halloween version will need? Sleeveless black dress (midi or maxi), long-length gloves, pearl-ed necklace and a hair comb, sunglasses is up to you and festival's situation. 

Photo Courtesy: Vanesa ReyFolmofilia, Slate, The Fashion Foot, Vogue.com