Where the sun falls and sky burns. 

It's such a special feeling to return to a place you adore. Place you want to come back again and again. Back in Chasing the Sun story we already came across a beautifully charming place called Ķurmrags. A place is located in the Northern part of a little Eastern European country of Latvia and has a pretty entertaining story to share by means of zillion boulders spread along the coast and quite an old yet highly picturesque local lighthouse that once stood high on a bluff overseeing boundless sea...

I guess I had this thing for sunsets for like ages. I know, I know, phrase 'for ages' makes a 20-something years old girl sound like she's already around 30-40, still it defines the fact that love towards sunsets did settle down deep inside my heart long ago. Even prior I moved in one if my London places located on the 28th floor. It was the time when I could meet sunrises and see off sunsets literally every single day. Well, sunrises were not as casual as sunsets. I mean waking up around 5 in the morning is not a usual thing for an ordinary university student. Going to bed with sunrise is more typical of London students, if you know what I mean. A picture of East London in the rays of setting sun is unforgettable.

Now my sunsets are primarily Latvian. Still this process of sun's fall causes a pleasant thrill around ribs. I can observe this picture for hours, for days, for years. Especially in a place like Ķurmrags. You can walk along the sea, turn on favorite playlist, watch the sun going down till the moment when it hides beyond the horizon and not even notice how time flies. Or find a sit on one of those nearly giant boulders that seem to be willing to share an interesting story and watch how every next wave breaks against dozen of smaller boulders in those sunset rays. Because after another fall sun will always experience another rise...

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Photo: T. Egorova