James Bond lady or a female version of James Bond? 

It was Practical Simplicity by LIENE LINKE story that brought us to something new. A new name in both Latvian and international fashion. A new concept. And a new representative of a modern wave of creative minds. You might have thought that a million pockets DressCoat can easily turn you into a more fashionable version of Russia's leading intellectual Mr. Vasserman (with all due respect towards this personality and his infamous 'all pockets everywhere' vest) is so far the coolest piece you've ever seen. Indeed it is one of the coolest creations I've ever seen and touched. Still Liene Linke has a good number of ideas that designer is ready to share.

One of which is a skirt under a code name - BPMx3. Sounds like something from James Bond series, right? In comparison to the DressCoat that makes you feel like a student doing Bachelor's degree in Architecture (or Chemistry) or a high class university professor, LIENE LINKE skirt turns you into a real life secret agent on duty. Considering the fact the skirt allows a bigger room for 'mix and match' games, where you just add necessary components of your daily outfit combinations according to own plans, BPMx3 also has enough pockets for a 'secret agent's kit'. In other words, there are several secret places for our female weapons, like lipstick and pocket mirror, iPhone and credit card.

When it comes to describing this classy version of "How to style LIENE LINKE BPMx3 skirt", there's only one thing I can say - it's a lady Bond. Fashionable lady Bond on duty. There's no single secret agent without a special piece of clothing, in our case it's the skirt. Secondly, if we refer our secret agent to Mr. Bond, who is a synonym of London and the United Kingdom, then we can't deal without a perfect trench coat, which in turn is another synonym of a great country. And finally, lady Bond could never ever go by without a piece of high heels. Altogether three seemingly contrasting pieces form one whole - an agent with a secret name BPMx3. It's like 007, but in LIENE LINKE style.

London Fog trench 
Aldo shoes

Photo: T. Egorova