Recent mobile shopping finds. 

So far, I mean over the past year, we have figured out several things about me. The two of which are: I'm into beauty stuff and keep experimenting with all those make-up tricks and I adore online shopping. Speaking of online shopping, I believe I said it two zillion times already, but it's such an essential thing nowadays. Especially, if you live in a little country as Latvia retail system of which is not that developed and varied. So in order to differentiate own self and style or simply to get a piece which you can't find in your city, you sit back, take a laptop or smart phone and go online surfing through so many e-stores. Oh, and this whole process can be highlighted by a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn!

Even though I'm nearly a PRO in online shopping, the mobile experience I had with DealSale app that is available for downloads right HERE was my first try. I can feel this question being born out there in the air ""What is this app all about? And what's so special about it?". Let me tell you that. DealSale is a perfect place for amazing deals and prices on different products, be it clothing, bags, accessories, beauty and even kidswear. And even though the actual prices are more than friendly, app also offers amazing sales. One thing to remember regarding DealSale's sales - every single offer is limited time only, so you need to be more than quick in case you want to get that astonishing dress covered with embroidery. The rest is more than simple, you place an order and within some time it arrives to your door.

What about my first DealSale order? I decided to go for beauty stuff, namely a range of make-up brushes, ACEVIVI eyeshadow palette with 120 different colors and shades that I now tend to mix and match together and a little contour kit with 15 tones. I know that contouring by some people is now considered to be a yesterday thing while strobing seem to overtake its place, still contouring is perfect for photoshoots and events. What am I saying, Kim Kardashian West has so far taught us all about it, right? So here we go with my first experience with DealSale app and their cool team who happen to be more than helpful. More stories regarding each of the three 'products' are coming in the nearest future, so don't forget to peek into Practical Queen AP, my digital pumpkins. 
P.S. If you spend 100$ or more on your order you get a discount. Plus IOS and Android users get 70% off, so just download the app right here - and  .

Eyeshadow makeup palette item number - AM000254 
Brush item number - SV026031_B

Photo: A. Puzova