Safari chic in narrow streets. 

Little and picturesque city of Kandava. Actually, we came across this city, I usually call them gems of a little Eastern European country, while on the way back from Sabile's vineyards. Yes, in Latvia we also have vineyards. Just like lavender and poppy fields, etc. Sabile's vineyard is located on a low mountain from which you can actually oversee all city of Sabile. You simply end up strolling along vineyards and when you reach a peak, a beautiful picture appears in front of you.

But let's go back to Kandava. It wasn't that much of intention to visit the city, but the aster taste is more than pleasant. Let me tell this straightaway, Kandava city is a pretty little one. If to many foreigners Riga appears to be a small town comparing to most European cities, then Kandava is way much more tiny than Latvia's capital. Yet I found this little gem a very interesting place. First of all, am more than in love now with their street art and funny mosaic pictures that I guess you keep bumping into every next street. Secondly, it's a combination of old paving stones and small, also old, houses. A combination that takes you back to the past on emotional level. And, finally it's this nonchalant feeling of a little city and its inhabitants. Such a contradiction to urban environment.

What style direction did I choose for our not that much planned tour from Riga to Sabile and to Riga via Kandava? Of course style of really adventurous souls - Safari itself. I can't state it's a pure Safari style, but still some influences are sensed starting with color and finishing with a la travel suit. Well, obviously heels are not something that originally came with this style, but Kandava city doesn't look like Savannah filled with lions and tigers. So, yes.

Look of the Day:
TCM blazer 
Martinelli pants 
Zara shoes 
vintage belt 
vintage bag 
Jean Cocteau scarf 
Photo: T. Egorova