Russian matryoshka in WonderLatvia. 

Greetings from Moscow city, world! Kept it all as a secret for quite some time now, but am finally super ready to share every single bit of it. This Autumn marks quite a Russian one due to a big adventure called 'Moscow and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia'. We arrived just yesterday morning, but already spent a highly productive and adventures-full day. You probably have seen those bit and pieces on my Instagram (@practicalqueenap), right? Yet am all ready for the second day of adventures in a concrete jungle of Russia's capital.

The main secret is, I am here in Moscow to take part in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 5-days marathon (well,  the secon reason is a secret yet super interesting project we'd been baking yesterday with one of Moscow-based concept stores. More details are coming just soon...). Am more than overwhelmed to be greeted here by Artefact Communication Agency and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia themselves. So many amazing names are scheduled to bring us around a very fashionable fairytale. Slava Zaitsev, Alena Akhmadullina, PIROSMANI by Jenya Maligina are just few names I'm looking forward to see during the next couple of days. Today is only a first day of the biggest Fashion Week in Eastern Europe and I still have no entire idea what it's going to be like. Still one thing is pretty clear, you guys can easily join this fashion experience of mine by watching live broadcast of every single runway show on Practical Queen AP! So, no matter where you are these days simply tune in to see the best of Russian, and not only, fashion first!

So yes, the past 2-3 weeks my mind has been fully overtaken by Russian vibes as indicated in the outfit of today. Fur hat, pavlovoposadskyi scarf and a bit of red lipstick over an all black everything outfit combination easily turned me into a laid back version of a real life Russian matryoshka. This matryoshka of mine was spotted in narrow paths of Ieriń∑i Mill back in early October. By the way, a place is worth to visit at least due to several little yet picturesque waterfalls and an old mill that dates back to the 17th century. According to the main old-timer, the place looks utterly fairytale-ish when just a tiny bit of snow covers the park that allows dozen of little colorful lights draw different visual patterns. Yet another gem of a little Eastern European country is added to my 'trip-o-Latvia' list.

Photo: T. Egorova