While it's getting colder and flowers start withering... 

steps in the moment of cozy sweaters. Aloha, my digital pumpkins! First of all, let me greet you in a totally new, surely exciting week. Secondly, it's October out here. Well, it's already a fifth day of Autumn's middle child, but since we had no real chance to acknowledge that earlier, here we go now. The month promises a lot of adventures and new discoveries yet I still feel not ready to share it all. All the announcements will be revealed as we are going to move gradually throughout this month. So just keep following the adventure and let's roll the October!

Meanwhile, we are still stuck in a transition period in terms of our wardrobes, aren't we? Yes, we are. Weather has been too unpredictable lately. One day it feels like a proper Autumn which one can battle with a trench coat and boots, the other day sun shines like crazy making you reduce those layers of clothing. Such contradictions of Mother Nature keep many of us puzzled every single morning. I believe this transitional stage is what they call 'Sweater Weather'. When you can nestle down in a favorite sweater of yours and walk along the streets covered with fallen leaves without feeling too cold or too hot. So in case you've been waiting for perfect time to sport that new sweater  -stop waiting, the time is now.

Some time ago I came across one of such sweaters. It's not a surprise anymore that Ava Garden's off-shoulder sweater conquered my heart and mind. We've already seen this lovely piece in the Geek Chic by Ava Garden story just few days ago. It was actually the story that gave start to a new month. As I think Autumn and intensifying cold aren't a hindrance to dress up, but rather a reason to make one's imagination work twice as hard I came up with pretty unexpected and relatively bright combination. I did mix my favorite overalls in power red with Ava Garden's loose fit off-shoulder sweater by putting the sweater on top of the overalls. And you know what? The trick did work perfectly!

Look of the day:
A&K Collection overalls 
Zara shoes 
H&M bag 
H&M shades
Photo: T. Egorova