Recapping on geometry in Autumn/Winter 2015 season. 

Remember that childhood/teenage game 'Tic Tac Toe' most of us surely used to play while at school? This season is about time to recollect good old times!
Check pattern. Probably one of the most ambiguous prints out there. And here's why. Associations that this pattern brings keep changing with the size, length, width, symmetry and even colors of each single check. Just think about gingham and glen Urquhart checks. The first one is pretty simple, casual, while the second is more a synonym of classics. So different yet both are pure check patterns. And both are pretty much 'in' throughout the Autumn/Winter season.
Chanel, Bottega Veneta, House of Holland, Paul Smith are just several designer names who implemented check pattern in their seasonal collections. And each of them painted our Autumn with different shades - from aristocracism and Gothics to candilicious girly-ness.

Classic Tartan

As they say, classics will always stay in trend. Have you ever wanted to add aristocracism or intellectual vibes to your look? Then go for classic check pattern. Something like glen Urquhart. Play around textures and colors to add modernity and fashion forwardness to your outfit.

Tiny Checks

Little and completely tiny checks were spotted in Marc Jacobs' collection that came along with overall gothical drama. Well, it doesn't really mean your tiny checks should be all about power of the darkness. Just add some color to turn yourself into a punk or a la country girl.

Big Checks

Autumn/Winter checks seem to be going from one extreme to another one. Big, nearly giant checks is another way to sport pattern throughout the season. Chanel and Miu Miu consider big sized checks are good way to emphasize both lady-ness and aristocratic intellectuality. 


Asymmetric checks are all about creativity and modernity. Bottega Veneta and Paul Smith know it. These two legendary Italian and British labels found a perfect way to refresh simple forms they are known for. Moreover, such geometric approach is good in case you want to add optical illusion.

Photo Courtesy:, Pinterest.comKoshka,