Getting stocked with tweed for the Autumn/Winter 2015 season. 

An iconic British fabric is back to rule yet another fashion season. Season of Autumn rains and Winter frosts.
If it wasn't for Gabriele Chanel, women of this planet might have never end up having that timeless tweed jacket or full skirt suit in their wardrobes today. Prior one of those big fashion revolutions under the name Coco Chanel, tweed was narrowly used only in male suits. As we know, mademoiselle Chanel adored stealing pieces from men's wardrobe. Decades later tweed is still on a fashion track of both male's and female's wardrobes.
As we already revealed the secret that tweed is one of the hottest fabrics of the season, let's find out what pieces us, females, should consider investing in now...


Tweed skirt is all about classics and timeless elegance. Though even timeless elegance can get a modern wrap. The way we saw it at Chanel and Gucci runway shows. The main case here is a combination of length, forms, color, finishings, appliques, prints. In other words, a perfect balance.

Suit Combo

Tweed skirt suit was once 'invented' by Mademoiselle Chanel. A legendary fashion revolutionary even made it a hall mark of her label. Traditions should remain constant but at the same time evolve. This kind of thought is in mind of Karl Lagerfeld, who keeps reintroducing an iconic Chanel suit season after season.  


Autumn/Winter season is a time for some heavy outerwear game. And tweed is not staying aside in this game. Primarily, thanks to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel. And again the secret of successful tweed coat lies in color and pattern combination.

Photo Courtesy: Cinderella ShoesI Feel Loved Definitely,, XO WELLS