LIENE LINKE's practicality meets the art of SAZ. 

I remember returning back to Latvia a year ago with a question "What is Latvian fashion about?". It took me quite some time to figure everything out yet I can't state I know the answer. I believe the distinctive feature of Latvian fashion that sets it apart from let's say French or British one is still to be found due to the fact that the local market is not that developed one. The other question that's been on my mind is a category of emerging designers. Creative minds who are yet entering the big world of fashion. And especially creatives who have a new word to share. By new word I mean design, concept and ideas. Until recent time when I really started coming across talented names myself and working with some of them it was all about wondering/questioning process with a desire to learn more.

During this recent practical research process that I kind of involved myself in, I discovered two new fashion names that both have this new word to share and more than promising outlooks for the future of Latvian fashion. It's LIENE LINKE who we already know for practical minimalism and SAZ whose footwear is a combination of art and fashion. I consider both labels to be very modern. Moreover, I bet both can sit together in one fashionista's wardrobe. And not only wardrobe. SAZ and LIENE LINKE can easily interact in one outfit. So a total, or almost total, #madeinLatvia outfit combination is not a sort of a myth or a dream - it's a reality. A reality that furthermore builds the new Latvia.

And the new Latvia is encrypted not only in this laid back with a twist combination that was spotted at the most romantic cafe of the Old Town of Riga. Yes, in terms of fashion the outfit is about modern Latvian fashion and a tight partnership I created between LIENE LINKE City jacket (the fact that it's slightly unbuttoned and rumpled only adds a twist to this dressing down approach) and SAZ Pixies. The new Latvia is also encrypted in a charming and unordinary cafe that is hidden right at the heart of the Old Riga - Parunāsim. Kafe'teeka. Interesting cafes is another aspect that's been developing over the past years and this cafe is so far winning hearts of many and many people. The message is, Latvia's changing and such little, tiny changes from a whole new image of a little Eastern European country. And it's all due to a new wave of creative minds who keep stepping out to light.

Zara jeans 
Lindex necklace 
H&M shades

Photo: T. Egorova