Margot conquering the world of fashion. 

If Margot Tenenbaum ever had an idea of conquering the world of fashion and becoming a real fashionista, she would definitely fall in love with Gucci's Autumn/Winter runway show and collection. Am pretty sure we all do remember that runway show of Gucci and an overall styling that brought 'the Royal Tenenbaums' movie and Geek Chic style back to our lives, fashion-much lifestyles, wardrobes and wishlists. As I prefer to say, polished look tend to get boring at times, so going for something new is always a good idea...

And since Margot Tenenbaum served as one of the inspiration sources for some of our favorite designers and brands, I mean her personality and unique style, I couldn't escape but think about how I would play around both Margot's and Gucci versions. For those who stll feel themselves to be not in the know, Margot Tenenbaum is one of the leading characters of Wes Anderson's movie 'The Royal Tenenbaums'. In fashion terms, we can characterize it as a movie about three geeks who still manage to translate own personalities by means of clothes. So in case you haven't yet watched the movie, take an advantage of a cozy evening in front of TV with a cup of hot chocolate. And dive into the ocean of inspiration with two of these stories - Trend Report | Geek Chic and Inspiration | The Royal Tenenbaums.

As I said right above, I couldn't stay aside from thinking about Margot's interpretation by Gucci, the styling that featured fur coat, beret, geek's glasses, yet transparent and feminine combination of a top and a skirt. It's not a secret that I found the Geek Chic, in other words Fashion Intellectual, style to be quite close to me, so pulling a look inspired by Margot was one of my season's ideas. In my own fashion arsenal I had almost everything - the coat, the vintage dress, the beret and the bag. The components I was lacking were glasses and masculine shoes. The two arrived to my hands quite unexpectedly. And quite on time for the Fashion Week. The two turned to join my list of seasonal favorites. The two are Firmoo glasses and shoes from online store. Have to say, fun and playful attitude to own appearance is a pretty helpful tool. Plus it will cause those around you smile or laugh, which is quite healthy.

Look of the Day:
vintage fur coat 
vintage dress 
vintage bag 
Photo: T. Egorova