Acting like a PRO. 

Or a semi-pro. Or a newbie. Doesn't matter. What's important is your drive to learn something new in terms of make-up tricks and desire to improve own skills. When it comes to me, I tend to investigate make-up tricks and treasures step by step. There was time when I was mainly addicted to a la natural look, but still expanding own make-up skills and adding something different or new to your looks is always good. So back in some time I found myself pretty addicted (I would still put it interested in) to eyeliner, while recently I dived into an ocean full of contouring and eyeshadows. And as far as you remember back in October I took you around my first experience with DealSale application and super useful order which included contour kit (New in via DealSale App story). It's been already a month full of testings, so time to share some thoughts over it has come.

First, all of us know contouring is a great tool in case you want to highlight and conceal certain parts, or areas, of your face. So it's basically about sculpturing own face. Or creating a perfect picture using various make-up products. Secondly, am not really sure if contouring is good on daily basis, I'm using this heavy trick for shoots and events. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend going really hard with it. Balance between Kim Kardashian West at Grammys 2015 and natural look make-ups is better, if you know what I mean.
Let's move on contour kit itself. It consists of 15 different shades - from really fair to pretty dark ones. I believe it will be acceptable to state that person with every single skin tone possible can find this contour kit highly useful. Being the one with really fair skin I combine lightest tones with darkest ones to emphasize contrasts. And it seems to work. It did work pretty well throughout my two weeks long fashion marathon, which means firm 'Yes!' in favor of the kit.

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Photo: A. Puzova