Frosts of Latvian Spring in front of Moscow's Neoclassicism. 

The Bolshoi Theatre... I heard a lot and read much about it. But nothing of this compares to reality and actual feelings that arise inside of you when you stand right in front of the theater. Majesty and timeless beauty are encrypted in its architecture that's made in Neoclassical style, in every column and every stair. Am actually speaking now more of the Bolshoi Theatre exterior as I didn't have time and chance to step inside this time. Well, I seem to have another goal for my next Moscow trip - a cultural voyage inside the theater. Images of its interior look more than breathtaking and I assume in reality this feeling just doubles.

The final day of the 31st season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. My first season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. You know while getting ready for that final day I was thinking about all the madness, all the beauty, all the creative and amazing minds I had a chance to observe and meet throughout this fashion session. Am insanely grateful to Artefact agency for this journey and literally huge support. Am still overwhelmed by this adventure that wasn't a waste at all.

As DIMANEU said while sharing my thoughts regarding his show: "A lot of bloggers were there during our runway show, but not that many reviews were found reach in capacity and justification. Thanks to everyone who took some time and shared it all, thank you for taking our creativity through depths of your souls and for expressing it all with words. It's your opinion, we highly appreciate and respect it." You know receiving such words regarding your work from a creative mind and his team is the biggest blessing to me. And it's priceless.

Well, seems like I got a little emotional. Moscow and its people succeeded in finding the key that opened my heart and my mind, and filled it to the brim. But let's move on to the topic of my fifth and final look for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. The outfit was yet another fashion experiment of mine, where I managed to mix a high class, ultimately elegant Katerina Zhigulich coat with astonishing hand embroidery and a combination of wide brim hat and over the knee boots. What I was trying to pull in terms of associations was feminine elegance with a twist. The elegance that perfectly matched the Neoclassicism of the Bolshoi Theatre. And the elegance that did put a beautiful full stop to my first MBFWR experience.

Look of the Day:
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots 
vintage bag 
Photo: T. Egorova