Down from a mall, straight to the ball. 

It's been almost two centuries ago when this phrase appeared on the pages of a still popular and beloved by many novel in verse "Eugene Onegin" by legendary Alexander Pushkin. The phrase was written two centuries ago when the world was totally different. Yet after these almost 200 years every single word remain actual to us. We all know what it's like to travel - by plane, by bus, by train, etc. There are times when after quite a long journey the only thing we wish for is a rest. Still there are times when you can't take this moment of rest. Especially, if you deal with fashion.

You know back in the days I was wondering how those people who travel from one fashion capital to another and then to the next one and one more and call it all a fashion marathon are able to stay fresh and function as if it's a pretty casual thing. The answer is - it's not that easy yet this madness is a huge drive. In my opinion, a positive drive. Straight after 5 days long fashion marathon in Moscow and 16-hours long train journey to Riga with a completely sleepless night, I joined the madness of Riga Fashion Week. A part-time madness though.

Have to admit, it was quite of a challenge - to battle sleep and manage to attend two fashion shows and one opening party of an atelier, all three of which were located in completely different places. But here comes the best thing about Riga - it's quite a small city and getting from point A to point B is a relatively fast process. And still have to confess, if it wasn't for the private show of Latvian brand M–Couture that was held in glorious interiors of the Riga Bourse, I would probably fell asleep somewhere in the streets of the city while on my way between the other two events. Awkward me, right.

Outfit choice. It's probably one of the toughest choices you have to make during a Fashion Week. It's always quite a time-consuming process to decide how you want to look, what ideas and feelings you want to project by means of your outfit combination. If we are speaking about this look of mine, my first RFW outfit this season, then it was primarily about comfort, laid back attitude, with this twist of chic. Most of the pieces, like Katerina Zhigulich coat, favorite pair of Converse, vintage bag and fur hat, arrived with me from Moscow and straight from a suitcase headed to ride another wave of our fashion duties...

Look of the Day:
Colloseum pants 
vintage bag 
Photo: T. Egorova