Matching colors of #madeinLatvia. 

Wrapping the Autumn cycle of our project-stories with LIENE LINKE label. The story cycle also coincided with the very first collection of an emerging Latvian designer. So far we are familiar with Liene Linke as a designer who uses 'practical simplicity' approach while creating clothes. In terms of the first collection practical simplicity was translated by means of boxed pockets, in other words pockets created for special needs or tools like smartphones, credit and business cards, pocket books and so on, as well as quite a signature print inspired by paint's splashes, plus shiny and matte (and easy to take care of) fabrics.

Back in October LIENE LINKE released new collection. And if you've been guessing will designer be able to maintain signature tricks, like pockets and print, and will she be able to broaden offering by introducing something new... then belt yourself up as the creative mind overcame her own self. And I'm not saying it just to sound witty. Am not going to discuss the new collection yet, but would rather highly recommend you to head over to and check new piece yourself. Reflective outerwear drove me mad when I saw it during private little viewing. Mad in the best way possible of course.

But let's concentrate on this ultimate fashionista's modern jacket 'n' skirt combination. Both the jacket and the skirt consist of minimalistic lines and everyday practicality that make pieces a perfect match. A combination can be completed with, let's say, neutral colored turtleneck or simple white tee, white sneakers or trending over the knee boots. Plus I personally would characterize this LIENE LINKE couple as an utmost fashion week equipment. Look you can combine the duo with supplements according to own style and seasonality, it's highly practical so your smartphone will be by hand when you need to take a snap or pretend to be on the phone. And the most important part, such a combo won't leave you unnoticed by street style photography gurus, Max Listov in Moscow or Adam Katz Sinding wherever in the world.

To finish off, I can't leave aside the main coincidence within this visual story. Not really a coincidence, but rather a match. Color palette match between LIENE LINKE jacket and skirt and a new campus of the University of Latvia. Shades of grey, desaturated yellow and white. Pure coincidence would one say. I still doubt and would argue about that. In my opinion, these are the colors in which modern creatives see the tomorrow of a little Eastern European country...

Amisu turtle neck over the knee boots 
H&M shades

Photo: T. Egorova