Two Lienes of 'Made in Latvia' movement. 

Going back to Riga after quite distant and lasting travels never ever felt that good. Curious what I'm placing a hint on? I'm talking about a piece that played an important part in this very outfit of today. Well, the leading part. It's a BPMx3 skirt by LIENE LINKE. An emerging designer brand, in my opinion gem, of a little Eastern European country. So here we go, straight from MBFW Russia I returned to Riga and received one of the sweetest and most unexpected gifts - LIENE LINKE skirt (highly thankful to my Liene'ochka for such a surprise).

And since I was building my Fashion Week looks, both Moscow and Riga ones, around #madeinLatvia pieces, I couldn't leave this skirt of a female Bond aside. Yeap, the BPMx3 secret agent we came across back in LIENE LINKE BPMx3 story is back. In a more off-duty version though. Every secret agent needs a day off, don't you think? If you remember back in MINOX by KUMMA Summer-story we shared few pieces from the latest collection of Liene Bukovska. In that very story I vaguely mentioned that every KUMMA bag can easily serve the needs of a secret agent, the secret agent of fashion. Remember? Now here comes the fact that LIENE LINKE's pieces can ideally come together with KUMMA's (Liene Bukovska's) ones. See what I mean? 

I had this thought that design approaches of two Liene's have something in common ever since we baked several projects with Linke (by that time the KUMMA story was already live here). And the thing is... both Lienes are graduates of Riga-based RDMV (Riga Secondary School of Design and Arts) and both undertook Interior Design courses. Moreover, both Lienes found themselves designing either clothes or bags. The different niche specialisation, in my opinion, comes here as a gift as the two designer pieces can perfectly complement each other (even though LIENE LINKE skirts and outerwear are equipped with dozen of pockets). 

Speaking of this third RFW look of mine that brings KUMMA transformer bag (the one we saw in KUMMA + REBUS | MBFW Russia Look 2 story) and LIENE LINKE BPMx3 skirt together, we clearly understand that both pieces are statement ones and don't need any impressive additions. So modern basics, like over the knee boots and a cashmere jumper, happen to be perfect partners for this #madeinLatvia couple.

Look of the Day:
Christian Berg pullover 
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots 
Photo: T. Egorova