Russian dolls through Bella's eyes. 

I've been familiar with Bella Potemkina label for quite some time now. That first 'acquaintanceship' happen to take place back in my university days in London. I found out about Bella and her brand from such social media giant as Instagram. So here's the power of digital revolution that's able to bring you the news literally from the other side of the world, or the other side of Europe. So back in those days Potemkina has already been Moscow's audience favorite, there's something about her label, apart from extraordinary and memorable name, that caught my eye. Even now I can't define what it is. One thing I can say for sure, if I missed this show, I would never ever forgive myself. As they say, it's better see it once than hear about it a dozen of times. 

"Russian dolls" that's how I would name Bella Potemkina's Spring/Summer collection. Why Russia? Firstly, the collection is filled with Russian tricolor - white, red and blue. And, secondly, if in most looks and pieces these colors can be found in totally different combinations, not necesserily all three together, then the first model showed us the evening dress inspired by the flag of Russia. As soon as the whole runway show started with a pretty much Russian note, I assume Bella's dolls can only be named Russian ones. Second question - why dolls? Well, doll-y associations came from the overall styling. It's about presented pieces, accessories and the final touch - make-up and hairstyles. 

Let's pay a closer look. We can't say the collection turned to be pretty doll alike. On the contrary, it happen to be quite varied. Seems like Bella Potemkina got us ready for every single occasion of the upcoming season. Are you heading to a grand ball or important awards? Evening dresses are at your service. Are you planning to hit the dancefloor and become the Dancing Queen? A trouser suit or a dress covered with sequins are designed exactly for you. Have you so far planned a trip to warmer countries? Then you'll definitely need a lightweight maxi summer dress or a denim jacket and highwaisted shorts in lace combo. To cut a long story short, Bella Potemkina is giving a hint - we should try her "Russian doll" looks out.

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia