Meanwhile in Moscow... 

...everyone keep discussing the new Spring/Summer collection by Dasha Gauser. What do you think about application in Andy Warhol style? And you think about bag-shirt? Midi dress in which color are you going to order - blue or red? Or maybe striped one? Yes, "Pop Art" collection caused a lot of discussions. And thoughts in general. What I found to be quite a positive moment. If a collection is able to make your mind work, then all efforts were not a waste of time. 

"Pop art" collection is in a way a tribute to popular art, mass art. It's all about prints that are getting produced in dozens, hundreds, thousands. It's all about simplicity and lightness. In Dasha Gauser's collection pop art resembles not only in those prints and applications that we see both in classy black coat or elegantly striped midi dress, it can also be found in color selection - black, red, white, blue -  as well as in pieces. Look, there's nothing too complicated in terms of design - midi dress with accentuated waist, midi skirt, mini dress, bomber jacket, cropped jacket and so on. As they say, the concept is simple!   

Remember back in childhood days elder people used to say: "Keep it simple and people will start reaching you"? Or those words by Baron Munchhausen: "Ladies and gentlemen, you are too serious"? Just think about, the two sayings perfectly fit to characterize this collection. Simplicity and a good dose of fun are a key to our Spring-y wardrobes. Or its base. Every single piece, like button down top with dozen of crying eyes or silver-y black skirt in asymmetric cut will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of a full-time fashionista, be it a casual part of it or a "night out" one. Meanwhile, a little black dress with shiny details in pretty much mods style (the kind of style that characterizes a youth sub-culture of end 50's - early 60's. By the way, it was that time when pop art saw its rise as well) can easily turn you into a dancing queen. So, let's POP-it-ART?

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia