November 6, 2015 Moscow

Kremlin stars were falling and breaking into pieces... 

Dima Neu, the designer of DIMANEU brand, is no doubt the most patriotic fashion mind of the 31st season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. The designer found inspiration for his Spring/Summer collection right at the heart of Moscow and whole Russia - Moscow Kremlin. At least, in its appearance of today. For those, who are not really good at history - there used to be times when Kremlin was made of white stones, while in the very original form back in 12th century it was wooden. Time passed by and Moscow Kremlin started seducing not only the leading conquerors in history but also modern minds of fashion industry. 

Yes, Dima Neu deserved a good dose of tribute and a couple of compliments. In general the collection turned to be quite elegant with a tiny bit of daringness. And if we pay a closer look to every single piece, we'll definitely find a lot of "treasures". Prints can be defined as a separate block, where some of them bring is towards thoughts about retro, while the rest, especially the ones with Kremlin star that was skilfully played around, bring futuristic and superhero vibes. I can't ignore the cut of several pieces, for example, blue maxi dress and brightly red top. Pay attention to lines and folds - they definitely do hide some magnificent vibes. And, of course, my favorite - white jumpsuit with cape in a la female superhero style.  

Every country needs its own superhero. In USA it's Batman, in the UK - James Bond, in Russia - Kremlin woman. No, I'm not embarrassed by the fact that in Russia a woman can be superhero. Let's have a little recall about "Nekrasov's woman", who's able to stop a galloping horse and enter a hut that's on fire... Time passes by and "females of Russian villages" are not the same as seen by Nekrasov back in ages. So here we go, Dima Neu presented his interpretation of a modern version. Accessories are next on the list. Namely it's golden peplum belt and accessories styled as if they were broken fragments of Kremlin star - rings, earrings and, my most beloved piece, sunglasses. I won't be surprised if during the next fashion marathon in February-March a dozen of fashionistas will sport accessories from this collection during Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Moscow and so on. Because these pieces are seriously from statement category  

And now a small, or big, spoon of tar. It's caused by patriotism, at others defined it. Perhaps an excessive patriotism that brought to my mind associations about Soviet Union (even though I was born right after it broke down). Have to point out, being Russian I grew up in Latvia and, to be totally honest, sometimes I have a feeling that I have no entire idea what patriotism really is (and I consider it to be not only my problem, but rather of a whole Latvia). I was sitting there at the show and I guess it was the first time when I felt this huge gap between myself and all the other, the majority of whom were from Russia. In those two red flags, Soviet songs that accompanied the show and the final performance by group of people in red bodysuits who were carrying the red star I somehow felt the feeling of nostalgia about the past, the Soviet past, where Latvia, Ukraine, Russian and many other independents of the modern world were a single entity. But it all got broken into pieces and the pieces of the star, that look just like the elements we saw in model's hair, did pierced some of them too hard... I couldn't escape this feeling that Magomaev's song "Love story" that did set the overall mood of the show was trying to give us the same kind of hint. They say, lots of people - lots of opinions. And it's one of them - by Russian girl from a little Eastern European city of Riga...    

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

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