Georgian simplicity with a twist. 

Have to confess, Georgian designer Goga Nikabadze came as a real discovery for me in terms of the Fashion Week in Moscow. A very pleasant discovery. Can't escape but remind you about my passion towards East, its culture and fashion, once again. Yes, you heard me right, Eastern world has a fashion of its own that is pretty different from European in general, as well as Parisian or Milanese separately. And I believe that Goga Nikabadze's creations come as one of the best examples of this fashion. Russian audience is more than familiar with Georgian designer, let me tell you even more - here he happens to be an "Eastern favorite".   

Goga Nikabadze's Spring/Summer collection can't be identified as purely Eastern. I guess you can find a lot of modern fashionistas from around the world wearing same-looking shirt-dresses and long sleeveless blazers in a combination with shorts. Yet I still believe Nikabadze's creations will stand out from the crowd. Why? Due to this exact Eastern kind of twist that you can sense more on emotional or associative level. In other words, when it comes to this collection Eastern vibes come to action in a symbiosis of color choice which is more restrained and deep rather than screaming one, fabrics that seem to be simple, but are still of high quality and price, just the way Eastern world prefers, and of course cut that is lightweight but still somehow renders body lines.

Pretty loose fit, closed maxi dresses and wraps a la robes have long became a kind of business cards of such a mysterious East. And in a combination with massive, I would say uber massive, necklaces and silk-y scarves that seem to just be bought at one of those Eastern markets about which we've been told a lot by Alexandre Vassiliev himself, it all receives a more royal yet careless-ly elegant look. Well, I bet you so far understood that a good half of Nikabadze's collection is now up on my Spring wishlist, right? I also can't escape but to point out hairstyling that seem to push me forward towards new experiments.

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia