Africa in Moscow, or Moscow conquering Africa. 

Africa has been exciting the creative minds of the fashion world for quite a long time now. Let's just come up with the most famous example, the leading admirer of Safari style, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent himself, and his collection back in 1968. I'll agree that Safari style has vaguely something to do with real African style and is more about comfort rather than ethnic motifs of such a secretly charming continent. And here comes the most interesting part. Would us be so mesmerized by LAROOM's Spring/Summer collection now if Safari style did reflect the topic of Africa in more depth?

It was Africa that served as a source of inspiration for the designer Evgeniya Legkodymova. Though there are no real motifs or links to certain countries or tribes. Only hints and overall mood. Overall mood of this hot continent was translated by LAROOM by means of color choice. Here we see bright, bold, delicious, sometimes deep or cold, shades of orange, yellow, blue, red. The mentioned and not yet mentioned colors come either on their own or in interesting geo print combinations, as well as in geo detailing, the one we can find in denim dress and that brings us towards those thoughts about Africa.

And if Safari style lovers stick to comfort and neutral colors in order to join the fight with lion as fast as possible or, on the contrary, go unnoticed, LAROOM's Spring/Summer collection advocates are full of courage and determination to meet a lion face to face. They are not going to back down, but would rather tame and conquer it, and denim overalls with fringe or lightweight maxi dress decorated with luscious prints are going to be their partners in crime. Though making friends with lions is not the only task for LAROOM's ladies. They can easily integrate into any tribe, be it African or any other tribe of urbanised Europe or Asia, by simply throwing a multicolored fringed jacket on their shoulders. Because there's nothing impossible in this world... 

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia