Where West and East meet. 

Saint-Tokyo brand, headed by designer Yuri Pitenin, came to me as the biggest discovery of the 31st season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Till the very start of the runway show I had no idea that such a brand does exist. Well, am boggling. At that moment I was slightly familiar, saw and heard the name of the brand simply because it was on the schedule of the Fashion Week. Till the very start of the runway show I didn't know what to expect in terms of emotions, mood and design that Saint-Tokyo is able to present.

As I said, Saint-Tokyo came as a true discovery to me, so far I did already put it on my own list of brands that are worth and should be looked after. The concept of the label is about fusion of West and East, the fusion of two opposites, where both do complement each other as if they were piece of a puzzle. Synthesis of the East and the West can easily be found in Saint-Tokyo's Spring/Summer collection. According to the official press release, this collection brings together Hellenic and Japanese cultures. Now who would have thought that Greece and Japan, two absolutely different countries and cultures, are able to merge and create something extraordinary, fresh and quite daring? 

Saint-Tokyo's Spring/Summer collection is about chanting elegance and provocation, coldness and daringness, fashion and individuality. Here we can see how transparent, lightweight fabrics come together with "heavy" leather, festive sequined dresses - with transparent net. It all gives a feeling that those goddesses, about whom we learnt a lot from myths and legends, came down from Olympus and immediately fell under the influence of Japanese culture, and are pretty happy about this fact. Because even goddesses, at least from time to time, wish to "fool around" and escape into the world of modern humans, where East and West merge into a one big whole.   

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia