Uptown funk in Russian style. 

'Uptown Funk' song closed the runway show of Vika Smolyanitskaya's Spring/Summer collection, although I believe it's this very song that did perfectly describe the concept and idea of it. Vika Smolyanitskaya's woman is such a fashionable funk who is not afraid of looking funny and is always ready to laugh at herself. And if it's not about laughing then she's more than ready to share her emotions and state of mind with slogans, sayings and cartoon illustrations that are transferred on to clothing by means of prints. 

Apart from the final song and model's exit, yes it was that exact 'Uptown Funk' that made girls turn runway into a dance floor, the collection caught my eye with bright, daring, delicious (I bet a lot of adjectives can be added here) colors, statement prints, the cartoon ones and pretty tricky geo versions, as well as an overall full of life attitude. It seems these girls might be going through another drama in their lives, something like "my boyfriend broke up with me" and here comes the next... "So what? I don't care, I'm here to enjoy this life!". Have to compliment Vika's amazing work regarding combinations of colors, be it a color blocking in the most simple dress with illustration, and fabrics.

Runway show and collection by Smolyanitskaya itself caused only positive emotions. I caught myself thinking how much I would love to put her coat on and join models on the runway. Taking into consideration the fact that just some time ago I would rather say no to most of presented looks, today am more than ready to take at least half of this Spring/Summer collection. And, yes, can I have a couple of those signboards, please? Well, dear Vika, I believe you did conquer my fashion heart. Starting with this collection am going to look after this Russian hellion and highly recommend you to do the same.

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia