Blurring all the boundaries... 

Am not going to lie, when I saw the anouncement about WearABLE Future project in the schedule of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia that turns to be a common product of Bezgraniz Couture and British Higher School of Art and Design, I decided to visit the show. And, of course, to share all about it on digital paper of the Internet universe. Because it's us, who keep stating that fashion is created for everyone - rich and poor, tall and short, fat and skinny, healthy and... not really (?).

This story-review is actually going to be about healthy and... not really (to tell the truth, even such a statement seems to be incorrect). So what is the idea of WearABLE Future project? First of all, the project calls us on to learn to appreciate the beauty of people and as we know, beauty is more of a subjective concept. As they say, we see the world through the prism of own self, but according to British designer Paul Smith - the problem lies in this concept, we see things as we are, not the way they really are. Well, it seems we've stepped away from the main point. Apart from calling us on to appreaciate the beauty of different people, WearABLE Future gives people with disabilities a reason to feel stylish and special, in its best sense.

Am I trying to say that before these people never considered themselves to be stylish? I don't know. It's better to address the question directly to each of them, who did conquer the runway in terms of this show. And for them it was much more difficult than for any other model. I believe it turns to be the most inappropriate comparisons I ever did, simply because it seems to be obviously wrong. Let me put it this way, yes, they did conquer the runway together and separately by, first of all, extortioning themselves and circumstances under the gaze of hundreds and hundreds of people, and a huge number of photo and video cameras.

But let's go back to WearABLE Future clothing. What I saw in this collection in first place, is that it seems to meet the needs of people with disabilities. At least, it seems so to me. Design of every single piece is thought through till the very tiny detail - zips, fasteners, length of jacket, length of sleeve - everything is made to bring the most of comfort. And let's not forget about the cut, colors and fabrics that here do resemble the relevance of the collection in terms of fashion. Because fashion should be accessible for everyone regarding budgets, health conditions and other factors. Because at the end of the day, this is what the fashion of the 21st century fights for, isn't it? 

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia