Fashion version of Thumbelina story. 

I did discover Yasya Minochkina, the representative of Ukraine, thanks to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, the same pattern happened with some other designer about whom I already managed or haven't yet managed to share some thoughts. Have to point out that I was double thrilled to see Yasya's runway show also because heard a lot of good stuff regarding her from Anna from Now I can say that I totally understand Anna's excitement and do share it. And here's why...

You know, I bet I spent a whole week walking around with Yasya Minochkina's Spring/Summer collection in mind. I was trying to figure out what sort of thoughts and associations the collection kept forming in my head. Although it might sound cliche now, but the answer came to the surface of my mind right at the moment when I was falling asleep. I was trying to build connection between the looks and modern hippies or modern Cinderella. But no. Yasya's women happened to be real Thumbelinas. You do remember this good old fairy tale by Andersen, right? I guess each of us, girls, wanted to become a Thumbelina even for a moment. And look, Yasya Minochkina turns our dream into reality!

Yes, Yasya's Spring-y ladies are kind of miniature girls who were born from different flowers. Not only appliques and prints in the form of flowers, petals do remind us of such a connection, but also the color choice itself - shades of green, orange, purple-pinkish. The cut also resembles this floral topic, for example, straight trousers in green color do have something in common with flower's stem or frills that we can find in skirt's hemlines, sleeves and dresses also remind us of petals. Yasya's Thumbelinas are tender and fragile just like spring-summer flowers that only start blossoming after long Winter frosts... I bet each of us would love to try a role of fashionable Thumbelina, Yasya Minochkina's Thumbelina.   

Photo Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia