From the capital of Russia with love. Из российской столицы с любовью.

Thoughts are material. And this is not just a catchy saying. It was back in the Russian Fairytale Orthodox Christmas story that I said out loud I'd love to visit Russia in the year of 2015. By saying 'It means that one of my travel destinations in 2015 will be mother Russia! It's now on the list, perfect timing follows' I somehow did turn a magical mechanism on that actually did turn those words into reality. You know ever since we cleared all things up with MBFW Russia and Moscow trip was already on the schedule, I kept coming back to those words from above. Those words that I wrote out loud back in January. Well, to be totally honest, the plan of 'conquering' Moscow has been on my mind for some years now.

And the perfect timing appeared. End October merged with 31st season of MBFW Russia. Well, you are more than familiar with my primary reason of a big Autumn adventure. But it still feels like a certain part of a whole picture is missing, right? I'm talking about my impressions of the city, its atmosphere, architecture and, of course, people. Well, Russian speaking pumpkins have a chance to dive quite deep inside my thoughts regarding Moscow by catching up on an article I wrote for the Women in Vogue digital magazine HERE. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I still feel more than impressed by the city. You know being able to communicate in Russian 24/7 with like every single person around me was a pure joy. To be even more honest, being able to speak Russian all the time and not feeling guilty or getting that judgemental glance whenever I went was an even greater joy.

Moscow scenery and architecture is another impressive thing. You just feel this greatness being encoded here and there. Even in the underground. The only thing I really do regret now is that I didn't take any single picture of Moscow underground. Guys, it's seriously something special. Well, for me it happened to be much more complicated that the one in London (as far as I remember I started orienting myself in London underground pretty fast). But Moscow underground is far the most gorgeous one. You should have seen those chandeliers and ceilings and decorations. One can seriously live there! So in case you are travelling to Moscow - go have a ride in the underground. Apart from Red Square, GUM and TSUM shopping malls I would highly recommend you visit VDNKh as the biggest ice skating rink in Europe apparently is right there (!), as well City district for a more contrasting picture. And the narrow and super broad streets of the city center are a must.

Moscow felt like home. Not only because I was able to speak Russian all the time or because I come from Russian family... wait the second point counts actually. Moscow felt like home because a part of my big family lives there (my aunties home will now always be associated with the most delicious Napoleon cake in the world). Moscow felt like home because some people I made friends with back in London are now living there and I had a chance to meet a few (and to recollect the weirdest and funniest moments of our student past). Moscow felt like home due to openness, friendliness and good-heartiness of Russia (and not only) people who I did come across even for a minute. Moscow felt like home because... it was greeting with sun and sending farewells with rain...

Capriola coat 
Intrama sweater 
Montowell pants 
vintage bag 

Photo: T. Egorova