Shades of blue in Latvian Autumn. 

Both Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and Riga Fashion Week, each of which accounts for total of 5 looks per fashion marathon, outfit combinations were primarily about 'Made in Latvia' pieces and local designers. Looking a bit ahead, the designers and brands include Katerina Zhigulich, KUMMA, Veretteno, LIENE LINKE and RECYCLED.LV. Why have I been trying to involve Latvian designers in my Fashion Week looks? Well, being currently based in Riga I can't pass by local creatives, especially considering the fact that there's a lot of talents within the new, emerging generation of Latvian designers.

Fresh ideas. Clear vision. Specialisation within a certain niche. And desire to bring something new to Latvian market in first place. That's what attracts me. That's what attracts my mind of a fashion intellectual. And that's what I myself am on a hunt for. Here by 'hunt' I mean research. Research is the key. Knowing and understanding your local fashion market is the key. A little tip, the sooner you start your own research, the better. I wish I knew this tip back in the days before I started off at Istituto Marangoni. I believe it would lead me through a slightly different path. But back then I knew nothing about market fundamentals and how the global fashion industry operates. I knew nothing about recycling side of fashion. I knew close to nothing. If only I knew that future is going to bring me to writing rather than a marketing or retail job, I would had taken a better advantage of my Diploma work, at least.

Speaking of Latvian brands and RECYCLED.LV directly. After including brand's red cape-jacket in one of my MBFW Russia outfits and bringing the sustainable fashion piece to Moscow, I decided to implement another creation of Anna Aizsilniece, this time, in one of my RFW looks. The dark blue wrap that's made, I mean re-made, of male pants is so far one of my favorite pieces from the 'Ethnography' collection. By the way, the wrap is going to float on digital pages of Practical Queen AP another two times. Simple and practical, it can suit literally everything. Yet for this outfit combination I decided to go for denim on denim approach and play around the shades of blue. Oh, and Breton cap comes as an essential piece here.

Look of the Day:
Superdry shirt 
Zara jeans 
Aldo shoes 
Lindex cap 
New Look bag 
Photo: T. Egorova