Latvian fashion through L'Officiel Latvija video diaries. 

Let me be honest with you once again, I wrote like three different drafts that were meant to come as an introduction or supportive kind of text for today's story. Too many thoughts about Riga Fashion Week, especially about the latest session. And all highly contradictory. Nothing seems to be appropriate enough for this video diaries (slash) reviews.
So let me just say that I'm not covering Riga Fashion Week this season, at all. Not a single review regarding even the collections I liked and found interesting are going to pop any time soon. Priorities changed. And due to high volume of stories that are now being planned a month or two ahead my publishing schedule is pretty tight.
The good news are, we still managed to find a way for you to look at bits and pieces of this latest Riga Fashion Week and form own opinion. Together with some of L'Officiel Latvija team members we came to a conclusion that their video diaries can also be broadcasted at Practical Queen AP. Regarding the fact you don't really understand Latvian or Russian, you still can watch these diaries for the sake of the visual side. Have a great time, digital pumpkinitos!

Day 1

Riga Fashion Week Day 1 runway shows include QooQoo, ART JAM and INCH2.

Day 2

The second day of Riga Fashion Week brought us runway shows of Flash You & Me and M-Couture, as well as a presentation/opening of Stylista by Anna Itkina and Bulichev Jeans Atelier.

Day 3

The third day of Riga Fashion Week was all about Natālija Jansone, Golets (Ukraine), Agne Kuzmickaite (Lithuania) and One Wolf SS16 collections.

Day 4

Riga Fashion Week Day 4 runway shows include Ivo Nikkolo (Estonia), Anna Led, Zulfiya Sulton (Uzbekistan) and NOLO.

Day 5

During the fifth day of Riga Fashion Week we saw a debut of an emerging Latvian brand Deeply Personal, as well as collections from Dace Bahmann, Lena Lumelsky (Belgium) and Katya Katya Shehurina.

Day 6

The final day of Riga Fashion Week took us around the SS16 collections of It's Me, Naira Khachatryan (Italy), STATUS by Shtamguts and Pohjanheimo (Estonia).

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