How about glitter-y legs? 

Guess what? We are just days away from wrapping this year. Time to look back at the whole year and pull out some conclusions? I believe it's too early yet. You never know what can happen in 10 days time. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. Just saying. And as I'm not yet in the mood of undertaking some serious brainstorming, let me share something-something with you. I haven't still talked about it here, but I feel like now is a perfect moment. So you might remember that in Practical Simplicity by LIENE LINKE story I vaguely mentioned the fact I'm thinking about studies, Masters and possible PhD degrees... The fun part is I didn't mean it that serious. I mean, yes, upgraded degrees are in my future plans, still I wasn't really thinking about going back to studies right now.

For quite some time, namely since November, I've been an extramural student of a St. Petersburg based ART ME education center. Okay, it's not about Masters degree, but the International Fashion Business course they built is quite strong. Here we have real industry professionals who are involved in all different aspects of the fashion industry. Primarily speakers are from Russian field and put more focus on their market, but you know that was something I was really lacking. Back in Istituto Marangoni we went quite deep into European, U. S., Chinese, Indian markets, though quite little was said about Russia. And being currently located in Latvia with Russia just by the hand I assume it's impossible not to consider such a big market. Yes, Russian fashion market has been causing my personal interest for quite some time now.

Speaking more about my studies at ART ME, it's all about digital age in first place. I mean could I imagine sitting on a couch at home and undertaking a course in Fashion Business? Could I imagine such a scenario back in university times? Could I imagine sitting on my very own and enjoying this process of getting to know how people made it in Russia? No way! And who would have thought that Russians could be able to come up with such a cool digital initiative that allow you to expand fashion business knowledge by means of digital revolution?! As they say, if your idea made it through tough times, then you are quite a serious market player. Surely ART ME has a long way to go, but if you are looking for a productive yet diverse short course in Russian, then I personally recommend you to have a go with this one. I've already went more than half a way of the International Fashion Business course and every single lecture and speaker keep bringing a lot of ideas to my mind.

The reality is, if some two months ago I thought I'm spending a lot of time in front of a laptop, then now I realize I'm literally married to it. Sounds funny, but keeps feeling crazy. Two digital projects and 3 to 5 lectures a week. Anyway, life wouldn't be that much adventurous without all this rush, don't you think so? And lazy strolls around the city wouldn't be that enjoyable. Don't know why but festive season makes me choose neutral shades recently and add interesting, statement or tiny, accents to it. Just like in the outfit of today. It seems to be all about black color. But look closer and you'll find playful fringe on a dress and golden glitter running around tights. It's been ages for these tights, but I tend to pull it in my outfits only during winter holidays. At the end of the day, pre New Year period is all about shine and magic.

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat 
Amisu turtleneck 
Commando (via tights 
HAVE2HAVE (via shoes 
Jenny Fairy backpack 
Acevivi (via DealSale app) eyeshadow set

Photo: T. Egorova