Christmas in neutral colors. 

Very Merry Christmas, my digital minds! I hope each and every of you is having a good time these days with families and friends. I believe you are having lots of delicious food. I mean fun and great time is also important, but we can't underestimate the power of festive food. Our Orthodox Christmas is coming only in January, so am looking forward first for New Year's Eve and a huge festive menu. Quality space in my belly is reserved in advance.

Well, am not going to talk a lot today. Just wanted to make sure you are getting into post-Christmas shopping spree mood. Should you be informed that I'm having a little, yet huge, surprise waiting for you tomorrow on Practical Queen AP. Yes, it's going to be about shopping. But enough. Am going to take a silent pause till tomorrow... And let you indulge the new, formal yet festive outfit.

Now listen, who said black and white combinations should be boring? No, it doesn't. Simply add some shine like sequined skirt or beaded top. I think such pieces are perfect for holiday dressing. If you want you can refresh it with vivid colors. I would recommend deeper shades of red, blue or green - in my mind these go well with Christmas atmosphere. Seems like the door turned up my way just in time.

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat 
H&M shirt 
Next top 
Asos skirt 
HAVE2HAVE (via shoes 
vintage bag 
ACEVIVI (via DealSale app) eyeshadow set

Photo: T. Egorova