When weather calls for multi layering.

Well, well, well. It's this time of the year that we're used to call Winter. Although it doesn't feel like a real one. The one all of us, 90's kids from Baltics, are used to since early days. Even though the festive mood is already in the air and deep inside ourselves, it still feels that Autumn has prolonged itself for too long now. But the best side of it all, today's story from Cēsis we shot right in the beginning of October is still pretty much relevant to the scenery outside.

So it's been second year in a row that I did escape to a beautiful city of Cēsis right at the end of September - beginning of October. Two times can already be considered a tradition, right? A good, adventurous tradition. This time the weather of Cēsis was not as warm-ly welcoming as a year ago, when I could simply stroll around old, narrow streets of the city wearing pullover and leather jacket. Yet once again town proved itself to be a truly Autumn kind of a place. Everything all around covered with leaves in different shades of yellow. And one of those last pleasant sun rays trying to reach this seasonal carpet...

Just like now, the weather in early October was calling for a very serious multi layering. Foolish me thought I could stroll around the city of Cēsis wearing only a knit dress and a wrap combination completed by Breton cap and studded ankle booties. Practical side of mine insisted to take some basics, warm basics with me. Because you never know what adventure may a little trip-o-Latvia bring, particularly during Autumn/Winter season. That's a super quick kind of story that lies behind this multi layered outfit. And thanks to fashion, wearing turtleneck and jeans under a dress is of a super cool thing recently. Just a little not for ladies who would love to keep wearing that favorite dress during freezing times without getting cold, you know.

Look of the Day:
Lindex Breton cap 
Capriola coat 
Amisu turtle neck 
H&M jeans 
Centro boots 
Jenny Fairy backpack 

Photo: T. Egorova