City that brought so many changes. 

Am not going to wrap up this beautiful year just yet, but there is one quite a big change that happened over these 12 months. The change I would characterize as 'How I went from being a columnist of quite a popular Latvian weekly magazine to a columnist of an emerging international online magazine'. I wanted to share this story for some time now but somehow couldn't find this perfect timing... and this upcoming end of the year seems to be a good reason. As some you might remember just in the late 2014 I joined Latvia-based magazine for women LUBLU! where happened to discuss some style advices. Have to point out, back then I still was not aware, or better say that much sure, about my writing skills. I had no entire idea I want to share my own thoughts by means of words that much....

The understanding that I want to grow to a more professional level came only after we parted ways with the magazine around January or February. I believe it's honest to say so, as since the last article that was 100% my own proposed idea I never ever heard anything from the editors of LUBLU! magazine. Not a single word. And you know after spending several months trying to figure out why I am not contacted anymore, whether I was dismissed, am I that bad in writing and so on, I made the best decision possible - I did put a serious focus on my blog. In other words, I decided to expand my writing by means of own blog where I can write whatever I want, share my own opinion and just improve writing skills. At the end of the day, digital space is the best way to let people know you are there.

And guess what? Another few months later I was contacted by Christina who was inspired by my stories, flow of thoughts and ideas. After explaining every single point about an upcoming project and online magazine WV MAGAZINE, Christina invited me to join their little, but highly professional team. I guess our discussion lasted for a couple of months before I kind of officially joined the international team of WV MAGAZINE authors. It's been another few months we spent working on content before launching it last month. It's been already half a year since I first heard from Christina, my new editor-in-chief and over this time I realized one important thing - she's there to listen and discuss all my ideas which obviously not always seem to be super perfect. The WV MAGAZINE team is here to bring the best we can, to share our own opinions and go beyond habitual boundaries.

My thought here is, nothing should really stop you. If you didn't make it once, in one particular place, just be brave enough to move on and keep trying, developing your own self. By not making it in a printed media of a little Eastern European country I found a new way of self-expression by joining a young, international team. Now, nearly a year after I see my time at LUBLU! magazine as a stimulus I needed so much. If it wasn't for this Latvia-based magazine, I could never find out I have a passion for writing and it is worth being developed. I believe I should here and move on to sharing several lines about the outfit of today. The outfit that is again filled with shades of brown. I love how this new elongated coat found it's perfect place in this modern and chic-y outfit. Leather, suede, knitted texture, dogtooth print, a la Hollywood wave hairstyle - the best combination for a little walk with a view.

Look of the Day:
Zara shirt 
Zara skirt 
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots 
vintage bag 
ACEVIVI (via DealSale app) eyeshadow set

Photo: T. Egorova