Best little gifts for HER and for HIM. 

Gifts, gifts, gifts. A pretty tough choice when it comes to prepare lots of Christmas/New Year presents. So many people to consider. Endless number of family members, your second half, best friend ever, circle of close friends, colleagues. And their tastes, preferences, interests and hobbies are so different. So you probably need to tailor your list of gifts according to every single person.
Thanks to quite a huge variety of gift's options and price ranges there are plenty to choose from. And still some of us find it quite hard to find a good present, especially if you are on a festive budget. Are there interesting, more or less practical gifts for both genders that cost under $100? Yes, there are! 
Here are Practical Queen AP's 15 gift options for HER and for HIM. Just scroll down...  


Frankly speaking, female gifts under $100 are much more varied. Here you can find everything from beauty and perfume pieces (and sets), bags, little accessories, jewelry, books and even candles. Some gifts are even suitable for little Princesses, while others can be found appropriate for ladies of a more mature age. Just pick it right.


Male gifts are almost always a big question. Something like, what to give a man who has literally everything? Well, you can still extend his collection of... cufflinks. Or Ipad covers. Just think about what he likes the most or what he pays attention to the most? He might have lots of pocket squares, but a new one will not hurt anyone. Especially if there's a monkey (the symbol of 2016!) print on. 

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