Devil is in the festive details. 

The festive marathon is about to begin. As we have so far cleared out what to wear for a special celebration, it's time to think about details that can turn your outfit for 360 degrees. Because jewelry matters, right?
Feels like a question is about to pop... What pieces will suit the most into this festive season? Well, there are three answers. According to Miu Miu Autumn/Winter collection, it's all about massive necklaces. In some case it can be paired with, matching or contrasting, chandelier earrings. And here we go with the second answer from Balenciaga, who presented quite a broad range of chandelier earrings. Looks like Givenchy doesn't have anything against such earrings as well. But Riccardo Tisci went quite serious with face decorations, something a la piercing. Of course, fake one.
 The three festive jewelry directions are clear. Shall we go deeper into every single one and check out Practical Queen AP's selection?

Statement Necklace

Despite the fact we have already shifted our necklace preferences to a more delicate, tiny pieces, the statement ones are back specially for this festive season. So in case you are willing to accentuate your long neck or deep decollete, or simply add a massive detail to your look, then think about a statement necklace.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are a perfect way of adding two statement details to your look. Just one little advice before you head to putting earring to your shopping cart. To get the best earring-effect possible accompany it by an up-do hairstyle. So every single person could appreciate your festive jewelry even from a distance.

A la Face Piercing

The bravest ones will definitely go for a little, or a lot, of piercing. No, no. There's no need to rush to a nearest piercing studio to get a few holes on your face, if only you are not a real piercing lover. There's quite a number of fake pieces for nose and face. If you're feeling like a new Riccardo Tisci muse, then have a festive go!

Photo Courtesy:, Annielka, LE CATCH, Blog BOOHOO